You don’t know where,
don’t know when,
I’d love to play piano and guitar
at the same damn time.

I wrote a melody,
a stranger asked what it was,
I said it was mine,
and he said nothing can truly be yours.

Dutch crunch bread,
how have you never had it?

Now i’m on my porch,
and the grass around me is all scorched,
sorry about that.

Get Around

I just want enough to get around.
Enough to see the world,
and drink champagne in
fantastic situations.

Just enough,
not too much,
but not left wanting.

The hint of orange juice is free,
just ask for it nicely.

If you say please,
it could even be fresh.

Do not step on the tracks

Ray Charles on the radio,
or maybe it’s an iPod.

Yeah, it’s probably an iPod.
It’s easy to fall in love,
it’s hard to make eggs benedict.

It’s a good thing I’m not a breakfast person.
Haven’t eaten breakfast in awhile actually.
I eat my pride for breakfast,
and pretend that I’m a pure badass.

I make pancakes with sawdust,
because that’s what real men do.

I listen to Metallica and watch the Super Bowl.

I don’t know what lipstick is,
but I like the taste of it.

all because I’m a real goddamn man.

Hold on

I know your phone is buzzing,
but just hold on one moment.
Please, just wait here…

…just one moment longer.

You are being notified,
you have notifications,
you have friends with needs,
and emails to reply to.
You are an important, all encompassing person.
You are everything you want to be,
and are to people what they want you to be.


Wednesday Night

Or is it thursday?
Could you please help me,
determine the day and the length
of time it’d take me to get back
to my childhood.

If you can determine the right amount of time
down to the minute…
then I wont go back.

Does that make sense?
Seriously, if you’re confused speak up now.

Just do it, don’t be shy.